The clean Clearlake Initiative is powered by cal trans, the city of clearlake, cc4c, pop clearlake, and LCCC to create a cleaner, healthier, and more pristine clearlake we can all respect and take pride in.


The Clean Clearlake project is funded in part by the Clean CA grant and the City of Clearlake.

Project Time Line:

The first round of the Clean CA grant project is set to run through 06/2023 through 06/2024. City of Clearlake projects are ongoing.

Current Stats:

Dump Days and Cleanups Garbage TonnageAttendees Volunteers:
Dump Day 12/17/2212.477515
Dump Day 01/28/2311.967710
Dump Day 03/18/2312.27710
Day of action 03/25/230.23012
Dump Day 04/29/237.47
Anti Littering Signs3
Number of completed art installations3
Square footage of installations 1090
Number of artists supported3
Number of education campaigns 1
Number of community events4
Number of attendees270
Public Spaces Cleaned up
First three miles of Sulphur Bank Road 
Burns Valley Creek between Old Highway 53 and Lakeshore Drive
Sonoma Ave. near Pomo School (Acacia St. goes past Pomo School)
Sharp Ave. near intersection of 25th Ave. and Oak St. (north of St. Helena Hospital)
18th Ave. and Highway 29 west side as part of Adopt A Highway
The length of Olympic Ave.
The length of Old Highway 53
Lakeshore Drive between Pomo Ave. Highway 53
In front of Clearlake movie theater
Abandoned homeless encampment at Arrowhead and Ciwa
The length of Burns Valley Road
Mason Street and Dixon Street
Austin Beach park 
Red Bud park 


Check out the Clearlake mural trail!

  • ED and Linda’s 14118 Lakeshore Dr.
  • Clearlake Chamber 14295 Lakeshore Dr.
  • Castle Donuts 14370 Lakeshore Dr

Upcoming Murals

  1. Clearlake Police Department: 14050 Olympic Dr Clearlake, Ca
  2. August Schmitt Realty: 14510 Lakeshore Dr Clearlake, CA
  3. Tribal Health Consortium: 14678 Lakeshore Dr Clearlake, CA
  4. Clearlake Center: 14085 Lakeshore Dr Clearlake, CA

Check out our open Call For Artist

Augmented Reality Experience

The City of Clearlake is creating a one of a kind Augmented Reality Art experience like no other. Learn more here:

Free Dump Days

The City of Clearlake Dump Day pilot project is designed to create long term change by helping distressed and over run properties in the City of Clearlake. The goal of this project is to give long term support through June of 2024. Learn more about Free Dump Days.

Dump Fee Reimbursement

$50 Dump Fee Reimbursement for Clearlake residents. This program is only available to City of Clearlake residents. Proof of residency, such as a valid ID with a Clearlake address, is required for reimbursement. Each Clearlake resident is eligible for one reimbursement only.
Reimbursement. The reimbursement amount will not exceed $50. The City of Clearlake will conduct reimbursements on Thursdays from 1-4pm at POP Clearlake 14085-1 Lakeshore Dr Clearlake, CA.

Enrichment Programs

Kids Caring 4 Clearlake is an educational campaign led by students at the Konocti school district. The goal of this program is to create content to spread awareness about the importance of keeping our beautiful city Clean.


The Clean Clearlake initiative is bringing the community together, creating jobs, and beautifying the City of Clearlake at the same time.