1. I am disabled and have an old recliner and some other stuff to dump. I just need a one time voucher for one dump run. A standard pickup truck size load..

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  2. I have a question I don’t need help cleaning my property but near my house there is a illegal dumpster with big couches and tires. I don’t have a vehicle to take them. Is there a way to get this cleaned up?

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    1. Call me
      Neickol Cook I can help. I have a big red fire truck. It gets all jobs done. 1-707-461-9483
      I am part of a non profit organization. We also help pay dump fees. CC4C
      Citizens Caring for Clearlake

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    2. Hey Jennifer, please do complete the registration form. In the description add that this is a illegal dump. We have non-profits like CC4C available to help with clean-up efforts. Once we have the areas identified with a point of contact, we will work with you and local agencies to see how we can create a volunteer effort to clean-up illegal dumping areas.
      We also encourage you to share this form with neighbors and ask them to report the illegal dump site as well.


  3. I’m disabled and on a fixed income. Been cited by code enforcement for trash and debris left by homeless people. Can’t afford to keep paying for the dumps. I would like to find out if I’m eligible for the dumps fees?


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